16.5 in x 22.5 in
    6 banners
    canvas, ink, wood, rope
    silkscreen prints
Before I was ever a visual artist, I was a performing artist, and often as a performing artist, you lose full autonomy over the works you created as you are being guided by the words and direction of others. Most of the pieces I worked on were archaic in nature and lacked stories that felt inventive and poignant. Once I had become exposed to more performance spectacles, I understood the importance of promoting theatre as a platform abundant with opportunity and representation. What would the world look like if our performance spaces were full of more diverse narratives?

TELL YOUR STORY is an installation design that appropriates mediums and typography of antiquated times in an effort to encourage a shift in performative narratives. These silkscreen banners mirror designs previously used to advertise non-inclusive performances. The words printed upon them are proclamations made by Augusto Boal - the founder of the progressive theatre practice known as Theatre of the Oppressed. By designing these words within visuals associated with advertising, their truth has the ability to gain power and influence. 

These banners relate to an overarching interest in inclusivity, appropriation, and performance.